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Physiology Assays & Protocols

Note: Not all screens are currently used in our ENU research programs


  • Blood smear and hematology analyzer
  • Blood pressure, heart rate by tail cuff (contact for details)
  • Doppler aortic waveforms
  • ECG

Protocols: hematology |  blood pressure & heart rate |  Doppler waveforms |  ECG


  • Blood glucose - fasting and after glucose challenge

Protocol: glucose tolerance

Behavior & Appearance

  • Morphology & general behavior including hearing, vision, righting reflex

Protocol: Modified SHIRPA


  • Blood electrolytes & creatinine
  • urinalysis

Protocols: blood biochemistry |  urinalysis |  saphenous vein blood collection

Body Composition

  • Density of bone and % fat by small animal densitometer
  • Skeletal X-ray

Protocol: body composition |  Skeletal X-ray


  • Immunoglobulin
  • Delayed Hypersensitivity

Protocol: Delayed Hypersensitivity

Learning & Memory

  • Morris water maze
  • Contextual & cued fear conditioning
  • Pre-pulse inhibition

Protocol: learning & memory


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